Details of British Labs who do DNA tests for CMO and VWD:-
Discount can be claimed from this firm for ABS and Club members.

Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd
01223 395577

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2017 Champions Calendars now available at £7.50 each plus any p & p
Please contact the secretary to place an order

A mistake was made with the printing in 2016 Calendar, Miss J. Mottram affix was Whitewells not as printed Whitewebb, we apologise for this error.

Terrier day for East of England, should also read Saturday the 9th July.

AGM will take place on 2nd July 2016, there has been a new position created for Vice Chairman.
In accordance with club rules:- The President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon Assistant Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Auditors and 10 ordinary committee members shall be elected annually and shall hold office until the Annual General Meeting of the year following election. All present officers and committee are willing to stand and are eligible for re-election in 2016. (With the exception of Chairman Mrs M. Micklethwaite and committee member Mr R. King due to their sad death last year). Any members of 3 years unbroken membership wishing to stand for election must be proposed by a member and supported by the signature of one other member to reach the secretary by 9th May 2016 (not postmark).

The date for the Open Show 2016 has been changed to 11th September, venue being Baginton Village Hall, CV8 3AB, during the afternoon will be a members get together. More information will be posted when details have been finalised, this will be for all Scottie enthusiasts not just exhibitors, the committee hope you can attend.

Longitudinal Health Project in Scottish Terriers

Nottingham University have secured funding to carry out a long term health project in Scottish Terriers which will involve a review of individual dogs covering health issues, welfare and lifestyle over the life span of the dog. It is hoped that over a period of time important factors can be identified that may influence certain diseases, particularly liver disease and various cancers.

Our Breed is only the 4th pedigree breed, and the only terrier breed, that Nottingham University are currently working with and this is a very exciting and important research project which will hopefully contribute to protecting the future of the breed.

Samples can be collected and questionnaire can completed by all Scottish Terrier owners regardless of whether they are show dogs, pet dogs or rescue dogs. Here is the link:- Longitudinal Health Project in Scottish Terriers by The Nottingham University Canine Breed Health Research Group