Scottish Terrier Club ( England ) 2nd July, 2016

MP D (2)

1 Mahmoudi's Glengracie Jetson,

2 Annan's Lomondview Hot Scotch

PD (2-1ab)

1 Coley's Kingsview Just Samuel,

JD (3-1ab)

1 Boyce's Trakside Myths & Legends,

2 Le Pelletier's Moveablefast The Happy Mess Dit Jule,

SY D (2)

1 Ree's Rabbonai Ringleader At Miacarla,

2 Tyler's Divadell Room At The Top,

ND (1)

1 Young's Kelticbright Jammie Doddger,

PGD (7-1ab)

1 & RCC Chick's Brueik All The Aces,

2 Pagram's Torcraig Golden Chance,

3 Beckton's Glengracie Galileo

LD (5)

1 Annan's Lomondview Man In Black,

2 Pagram's Torcraig Sydnificant,

3 Sykes Sandbourne Ready Freddie Go

OD (6-1b)

1 CC, BOS & RBIS, Bichel-Schnock GB, D, L, NL, B, DK & INT Ch Sir Darnley's Windsor Wizard,

2 Hill's Rolanka Past The Buck To Benartybrae,

VD (3-1ab)

1 Le Pelletier Donald Duck Della Roccacia Di Modigliana,

2 Hill's Polwicks Black Tourmaline Of Tahgmor,

SP T B (3-1ab)

1 Hill's Skircoat Sicilienne Of Tahgmor,

2 Weall's Wringtonbell Ready To Rock,

MPB (6-1ab)

1 BPB & BPIS, Annan's Lomondview Foxy Lady,

2 Becquet's Minorlines Princess Royal Becscott,

3 Carpenter's Blackthorpe Bramble At Westerleigh

PB (4-1ab)

1 Lomondview Foxy Lady,

2 Norton's Divadell Fly Me To The Moon,

3 Rutherford's Apsla Madam Midas Of Carisco

JB (3-1ab)

1 Cardy's Brettvale Summer Lady,

2 Le Pelletier's Likali Della Roccacia Di Modigliana,

YB (4-1ab)

1 & RCC Emmins Trakside Fable At Wescots,

2 Bichel-Schnock Sir Darnley's Zophisticated Zusan,

3 Hills' Skircoat Sicilienne Of Tahgmor

PGB (8-1ab)

1 BCC & BIS, Dixon's Sweetgarret Star Over Chatterdale,

2 Walker's Beaureveur Cassia,

3 Wellendorf's Alanis Av Lisellund

LB (9-2ab)

1 Pagram's Torcraig Sea Pearl,

2 Annan's Lomondview Honeysuckle,

3 Wellendorf's Glengracie Dolly Mixture

OB (5-1ab)

1 Kelly's Carseview Hurricane Hannah,

2, Coley's Kingsview Just Freya,

3, Le Pelletier's Frou Frou Le Petit Papillion Della Roccacia Di Modigliana

VB (2)

1 & BVIS Mahmoudi's Ch Swe/Ch Brio Inquizitive

2, Cardy's Brettvale Dusky Maiden

Special Award Classes at Championship Show

Saturday 2nd July 2016

Judge Mr Richard Corney (Rilynson)

Class A Special Puppy.

1st Annan Mrs C.A. (B) Lomondview Hot Scotch

2nd Becquet R.N. & P.W.H. Darby. (B) Minorlines Princess Royal Becscott.

3rd Rutherford Mrs C. (B) Apsla Madam Midas of Carisco

Class B Special Post Graduate dog or bitch.

1st Beckton Mrs A. (D) Glengracie Galileo

2nd Rees Mr & Mrs M. (D) Rabbonai Ringleader at Miacarla.

3rd Emmins Mrs M. (B) Trakside Fable at Westcots

Class C Special Open dog or bitch.

1st Bichel-Schnock Mrs M. (D) GB, D, L, NL, B, DK, & Int Ch Sir Darnley’s Windsor Wizard.

2nd Hills Mrs E.R. (D) Rolanka Pass the Buck to Benartybrae.

3rd Sykes Miss S. (D) Sandbourne Ready Freddie Go