Scottish Terrier Club ( England ) 4 th July, 2015

Judge Siv Jernhake, Sweden

DCC Trakside Wellington at Levenkirk (Dr S.M.Crawshaw)

RDCC CH Brio Oliver Twist (Miss Jane Miller)

BCC UK & Sw Ch Brio Inquisitive (Ms B Mahmoudi)

RBCC Multi Ch Verascott Fairy Queen (C.Hovagimyan)

BOB Trakside Wellington at Levenkirk ( Dr S M Crawshaw)

BP Liroda Midnight Countdown (MRS D E Milburn-Gates)

Special Triers dog 2

1st Greenwood's Petmon Royal Magician,

2nd Hill's Polwick Black Tourmaline of Tahgmor,

Minor Puppy dog 2 (1)

1st Millburn- Gates' Liroda Midnight Countdown

Puppy dog 1 (1)

Junior dog 9 (4 )

1st Hovagimyan's Verascott Jumping Jack Flash

2nd Chick's Brueik All The Aces.

3rd Bradley & Herd's Brueik I Have a Dream.

Yearling dog 3 ( 1 )

1st Pagram's Torcraig Sydnificant 2nd Verascott Jumping Jack Flash

Novice dog 3 (2 )

1st Verascott Jumping Jack Flash

Post Graduate dog 5 (2 )

1st Torcraig Sydnificant

2nd Annan's Lomondview Man in Black.

3rd Verascott Jumping Jack Flash

Limit dog 6 ( 1)

1st Dixon's Millingford Royal Eclipse at Chatterdale,

2nd Hovagimyan's Verascott Highland King,

3rd Hill's Rolanka Pass the Buck to Benartybrae,

Open dog 10 ( 4 )

1st Crawshaw's Trakside Wellington at Levenkirk, CC winner and Best in Show.

2nd Miller's Ch Brio Oliver Twist Res CC

3rd Hovagimyan's GB & Multi Ch Tamzin Mr Prospector.

Veteran dog 3

1st Greenwood's Petmon Light of my Life ,

2nd Cardy's Blackthorpe Jet Ranger of Brettvale,

3rd Hill's Polwicks Black Tourmalin of Tahgmore

Special Triers bitch 4 (1)

1st Greenwood's Petmon Miss Tiggywinkle.

2nd Kirk's Whitwitch Twigglet

3rd Hill's Skircoat Sicilienne of Tahgmor,

Minor Puppy bitch 5 (1)

1st Rowland's Rabbonai Raindrop..

2nd Broome's & Milburn-Gates' Liroda Midnight Kiss at Evingbriar.

3rd Annan's Lomondview Honeysuckle,

Puppy bitch 7 (2 )

1st Salmon's Whitwitch Shine On at Scarscot.

2nd Kirk's Whitwitch Quince.

3rd Rabbonai Raindrop.

Junior bitch 7 ( 2 )

1st Coley's Kingsview Just Freya

2nd Hovagimyan's Verascott Juicy Couture,

3rd Rutherford's Carisco My leading Lady.

Yearling bitch 4 (1 )

1st Verascott Juicy Couture

2nd Pagram's Torcraig Sea Pearl.

3rd Mills' Blackthorpe Lost in You,

Novice bitch 4 (1 )

1st Verascott Juicy Couture

2nd Dixon's Sweetgarret Star Over Chatterdale.

3rd Hill's Skircoat Sicilienne og Tahgmor

Post Graduate bitch 13 ( 6)

1st Mill's Blackthorpe Bianca.

2nd Torcraig Sea Pearl

3rd Coles' Tinka Tykes Golden Girl.

Limit Bitch 4 ( 2)

1st Barnett's Barnwin Witches Brew.

2nd Milburn-Gates' Liroda Liquorice Lace.

Open Bitch 9 (3 )

1st Hovagimyan's Multi Ch Verascott Fairy Queen. RCC

2nd Rowland's Dotty's Little Girl at Rabbonai.

3rd Chapman's Born to Boogie.

Veteran Bitch 5 (2 )

1st Mahmoudi's UK & SW Ch Brio Inquisitive CC & RBIS

2nd Hovagimyan's Multi Ch Verascott Ask for the Moon.

3rd Petmon Miss Tiggywinkle