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Breed Council Function

The Breed Council acts as a link between the Breed Club's and Kennel Club in all matters related to the Scottish Terrier.

The Rules and Regulations are available from the Secretary on request and are printed in the Year Books.

Any issues raised by a Breed Club can be forwarded to the Breed Council who subsequently contacts all the Breed Clubs where the relative discussions take place at Committee Meetings. The results are then forwarded to the Breed Council and ultimately the Kennel Club.

The AGM is held at National Terrier each year. Each Club are eligible to send two delegates to the AGM. The delegates at the AGM are there to express the views or votes as necessary for their respective Clubs. The AGM is open to all those who are paid up members of any of the Breed Clubs who themselves are fully paid up members of the Breed Council.

Over the past few years we have seen changes with regards to the judging criteria and more recently the lowing of the Stud Band for Scottish Terriers.

The Breed Council is also here to provide training/educational days, breed specific seminar's and assessment days. The geographical spread of breeders and exhibitors is much the same as it has always been, therefore the Breed Clubs can also play a major role in providing training/educational days in regional areas. The Kennel Club are encouraging Breed Club's to be more pro-active in this area and I feel that it is something that we should all embrace so that we can do our level best to uphold the high standards of our judges.

The Breed Council Judge's Review takes place annually. Any application's for the judging lists or promotions /upgrade to another list are voted on by the Breed Club's and is determined by a majority vote.

Neil Straw

(Breed Council Chairman)