Championship Show 20th July 2019
Judge Mr David Mathias

Dog Classes
Bitch Classes
Best Dog

Special Triers Dog
1st Lockwood - Trimscott Ernie Wise

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Milburn Gates - Evingbriar Wintergreen By Liroda

Puppy Dog
1st Chapman - Berrybreeze Quintisential
2nd Plane - Stuane Border Reiver

Junior Dog
1st Lidgett- Divadell Dr Strangelove

Yearling Dog
1st  Tyler - Divadell Dr Feelgood

Novice Dog
1st McCracken - Our Black Jack

Post Graduate Dog
1st McCracken - Our Black Jack
2nd Harrison- Brown - Eskwyre Carlito’s Way
3rd Hill - Tahmore Take Initiative

Limit Dog
1st Chapman & Bradley - Brueik’s Superhero By Berrybreeze C.C & BOS
2nd Rutherford - Carisco Follow Your Dreams
3rd Mahmoodi - Glengracie Jetson
Res Tyler - Divadell Room At The Top
VHC Corney - Of Stonegarth Shaken Not Stirred At Rilynson

 Open Dog
1st Kenny-Marriott - Ch Millingford  Hudson R.C.C.
2nd Boyce Trakside Royal Indian
3rd Earl - Eskwyre Tom Foolery At Rolanka






 Special Triers Bitch
1st Lockwood - Blackberry Pepperberry
2nd Redfern - Whistlynarra’s Whistling Wind Of Glen
3rd Hill - Skircoat Sicilienne Of Taghmor

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Boyce - Trakside Fawlty
2nd Millburn gates - Raibeart Rasheena With Liroda (Imp)
3rd Beckton& Bouwhuis  - Glengracie Just Fantasy

Puppy Bitch
1st Maidment - Berrybreeze Quintadacious

Junior Bitch
1st Gellatly - Carisco Miss Velocity CC&BIS
2nd Kelly - Carseview Storm In A Teacup
3rd Rutherford - Carisco Careless Wispa

Yearling Bitch
1st Kenny-Marriott - Millingford Star Anise RCC
2nd Redfern  Whistling Wind of the Glen

Novice Bitch
1st Chapman - Quaint Spica Way With Berrybreeze (Imp)
2nd Lockwood - Blackberry Pepperberry

Post Grad Bitch
1st Kelly - Carseview Gansters Moll
2nd Maidment - Quaint Sabayon (Fin Imp)
3rd Emmins - Rousanne Box Of Tricks For Wesscots
res Knight - Orrscot Mod De Baliol
VHC Lawrence - Sweetgarret Ocean Storm

Limit Bitch
1st Bradley - Brueik’s Olivia Rose
2nd Becquet - Minorlines Imperial Becscott
3rd Lawrence - Sweetgarret Highland Lass
Res Corney - Rilynson Aruba Arehucas
VHC Coles - Tinkatykes Golden Girl

Open Bitch
1st Kenny-Marriott - Millingford Idealist
2nd Broom - Liroda Midnight Kiss At Evingbriar
3rd Emmins - Miss Catastrophe Du Moulin De Macgregor
Res Cockayne - US Ch Neameups Mc Van’s Lady Glitter Sparkles
VHC Rutherford - Carisco Cendal Creme

Veteran Bitch
1st Corney - Rilynson Sunshine Princess Best Veteran




 Best in Show Carisco Miss Velocity

Res Best in Show  Millingford Star Anise

Best Opposite Sex Brueik’s Superhero By Berrybreeze

Best Puppy in Show  Berrybreeze Quintadacious

Best Veteran Rilynson Sunshine Princess

Best Veteran
Challenge Best of Breed

Challenge for BIS